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Recovery | Health & Wellness | Pain Management | Beauty

Recovery | Health & Wellness | Pain Management | Beauty


Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere, while your laundry washed

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Whether you're are struggling with chronic pain, post-workout aches, or just searching for a beauty boost, Frío Cryotherapy answers the call! Our signature treatment, Whole Body Cryotherapy, bathes clients with super-cooled air—temperatures dipping down to below -250°F. This arctic blast reduces muscle inflammation and joint pain, and takes only a few minutes of exposure.


Clients speed recovery times even more using NormaTec compression therapy, which rhythmically massages away built up toxins as they relax.

How does Cryotherapy work?



3307 Northlake Blvd


Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403




Mon - Fri: 9am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 3pm

​Sunday: Closed

What are our clients saying about Cryotherapy?

The Palm Beach Wedding Expo

Palm Beach, FL

Has worked wonders for my knee & back pain as well as workout recovery. Owners are top notch as well! Highly recommend trying this "frozen" therapy out!

Gunnsteinn Steinarsson

Jupiter, FL

As a physician I've always known about the positive effects of ice and compression. It speeds up healing and decreases systemic inflammation. Frío has helped me tremendously with my recovery of knee and back injuries and overall wellbeing! I even sleep better now. Cannot recommend Frío cryotherapy highly enough!

Valerie Fiordilino Maslow

Jupiter, FL

Absolutely LOVE this place! I came in to try it after my long run during marathon training for my achy joints and muscles; Instantly, I had relief from the pain in my hips and legs which lasted for days! I now come after every long run! In addition, I have MS and my muscles can often be achy and tight intermittently and this provided instant improvement in my symptoms! I would recommend this place to any person with joint or muscle pain from exercise, profession or autoimmune or inflammatory conditions.

Winnie Cahill Smylie

Jupiter, FL

I love this treatment and the many benefits it offers!
It's now part of my health routine as I do feel it makes a big difference.. love the fact it also burns calories!!!

Anthony Maslow

Jupiter, FL

Have a slight meniscus tear, tried Cryo and played ball this morning and it's the best my knee has felt in MONTHS. Couldn't believe it, strongly recommend it to anyone with inflammation in joints or muscle soreness. Thanks guys

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