Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a hypothermic application designed to increase general health & wellness, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness, musculoskeletal pain, swelling, and inflammation.  WBC stimulates the nervous system through skin receptors, causing dramatic peripheral vasoconstriction.  This induces adaptive changes correlating with effects of analgesia, reduction of inflammation, and increases in serum markers of tissue repair.


Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments are administered through individual sessions in a Cryosauna.  The Cryosauna uses liquid nitrogen to quickly lower the skin's top layer as close to 32°F while cabin temperature lowers to a range of -​210°F to -250°F.  During the two to three minutes of extreme cold, the brain stimulates the body's organ regulatory functions resulting in decreased muscle fatigue, energy increase, metabolic spike, cell/nutrient rejuvenation, immune system boost, and overall system self-healing.

What's the latest info?

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Effects of Whole-Body Cryotherapy vs. Far-Infrared vs. Passive Modalities on Recovery from Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage in Highly Trained Runners

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