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IV Hydration Therapy

Recharge I.V., based in Loxahatchee, Florida, provides mobile IV therapy services to clients in the comfort of their own homes. Led by experienced physician David Adler, DO, the practice serves West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee. IV therapy is an efficient way to hydrate and receive essential nutrients, whether to fight off illness or simply get an energy boost.

The Recharge I.V. team, led by experienced physician David Adler, DO, works closely with patients to formulate vitamin cocktails that fit their needs. They’re experienced in helping people bounce back from a hangover or jet lag, and helping athletes recover from intense activity, including marathons. Mobile I.V. is available to help manage the symptoms of acute and chronic illnesses. Many people find hydration therapy to be a lifesaver when they come down with a cold or the flu. Hydration therapy can also help with managing migraines and chronic tension headaches.


What is IV Therapy?

What can I expect from an IV Therapy session?

IV therapy is the administration of solutions that contain water, nutrients, and minerals directly into your bloodstream. A common use of IV therapy is to help you quickly recover when you’re dehydrated and want an efficient way to get going again.

Whether you’re jet-lagged, have a hangover, or just ran a marathon, IV therapy can help you feel better, and the effects are often immediate.

If you’re feeling depleted, drinking fluids may not be the most efficient solution, especially if your digestive system has trouble absorbing nutrients. An IV goes directly into your bloodstream, delivering the nutrients you need without having to go through your digestive system first.


Your RechargeIV provider begins your first IV therapy session by going over your health history to make sure IV therapy is appropriate for you. Although it’s safe and most people tolerate it well, IV therapy may not be ideal if you have certain health concerns.

You then go over your goals for IV therapy and reasons for seeking treatment. Depending on your needs, your technician recommends certain nutrients that may go into your customized IV therapy formula, along with a hydrating saline solution.

Typically, the purpose of IV therapy is to restore depleted fluids and electrolytes, but additions to the formula can help you to manage your pain, detox from drinking alcohol, and improve your energy level.

The treatment usually lasts 30-60 minutes. In addition to the nutritional benefits, IV therapy is supposed to be a relaxing and pleasant experience. With mobile IV services, you can receive IV therapy in the comfort of your own home. During the session, you may want to listen to music, read, or simply close your eyes.


Is IV Therapy Safe?

IV therapy is safe when you receive it from an experienced technician. The IV is just like an IV you’d find in a hospital. The practice buys the formulas from reputable pharmacies and medical suppliers, and the IV is a safe method to deliver them.

IV therapy is painless for most people. However, there’s a slight risk of soreness or bruising where the needle goes into your vein, as with any intravenous procedure.

To book an in-home IV therapy appointment with Mobile I.V., call or use the online scheduling tool.

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