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Localized Cryotherapy

Targeted Area

Localized Cryotherapy, targeted to a specific muscle area can be applied using a localized device for 3-6 minutes depending on the body part.


Localized cold air treatments reach temperatures below -180°F to -200°F, and drop skin temperature rapidly without discomfort as our Cryo Technicians are trained to measure skin temperature, watch the treated area for coloration changes, and interact with the client to ensure a comfortable experience. 


An example of localized treatment would occur with a low back, neck, hamstring, ankle, knee, wrist, or elbow pain.

We recommend the Whole Body Chamber followed by localized spot treatment to the troubled area. Then a short rewarming period with mobility. For best results, incorporate Normatec Compression therapy

Frío Facial

A Cryogenic Facial is a non-invasive technique that uses liquid nitrogen vapors to freeze your scalp and your skin on the head, face, and neck.


The subzero temperatures instantly cause your skin to tighten, which helps fill in wrinkles and fine lines. It only takes a matter of minutes to complete the process, and results are quickly visible.


If you have inflammation in your face or slight discoloration due to minor damage, this special facial can reduce both since it promotes better circulation.  The facial is not painful, and many people say that it is relaxing. There is no downtime after the treatment.

In addition to reducing wrinkles, this technique helps flush toxins from the skin and reduces impurities. This tightening is called vasoconstriction, which helps dilate capillaries and blood vessels.


The combination of fast freezing and vasoconstriction also lends to possible collagen production. One of the biggest contributing factors to wrinkles and fine lines is reduced collagen production.


Although this is natural as people age, collagen can be regenerated to create a more youthful appearance on the skin’s surface. Also, this special facial closes your pores to give your skin a natural and healthy glow.

Frío "Cryogenic" Facial Enhances:




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