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Sports Recovery


Whether your playing off scratch or working on getting back into golf with the warmer months approaching. Now is the perfect time for golfers to create a recovery plan. Cryotherapy can provide relief from musculoskeletal pain. It relaxes the body and helps to reduce or even eliminate muscle discomfort and fatigue. To accompany cryotherapy our recovery boots can used to help with flushing toxins and lactic acid out of the system. They are perfect to be used straight after a cryotherapy session.


Cryotherapy involves immersing the body in air frozen to temperatures that can be lower than minus-150 degrees Fahrenheit for a short spell of time. The idea is the extreme cold helps the body recover faster, while also reducing injury, raising energy levels and even improving sleep. While many athletes have long used ice baths, cryotherapy rooms or machines have become the preferred choice of many top sports stars, including soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.


The throwing arm of a baseball pitcher is subjected to high stress as a result of the repetitive activity of pitching. Intermittent cryotherapy may facilitate recovery from this repeated high stress with the use of intermittent cryotherapy.


Cryotherapy makes the human body more pliable. It allows joints to move in many different ways without producing discomfort. This benefit holds considerable value for anyone who enjoys yoga or other exercises that demand flexibility.

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